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LaGrandeAlive.TV is a local Internet TV station that focuses on local programming and activities.
We feature live, simulated live and archived video events, offering year round Sponsorship Opportunities to local business. Live Internet TV offers many advantages over Print, Radio and Broadcast TV.
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The Newsish Roundup

Here at LaGrandeAlive.tv, we don’t use inverse triangle news formats or standardized news format style-guides. Instead, we bring you casual updates on community news stories told in light-hearted, fun, and personal ways. If you’re looking for hard, gritty news straight from the pavement to the ink, you won’t find that here. But you will find a modern, fun, and quirky way to keep up with what’s happening in the Grande Ronde, whether you live here currently or not.

Our Newsish Roundup brings you multiple news stories from around Union County to you in a fun and slightly humorous delivery. It’s not hard news–if you’re looking for that, pick up the paper. But it’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the valley every week, what events happened or are happening soon, local sport highlights in an interesting way you can watch or listen to right on your smartphone.

Coffee With Will

Will Bowman loves coffee and he loves to talk. In Coffee With Will, he gets to do both as he interviews local personalities and talks about whatever they care about. These people are many different things: they are business owners, web designers, musicians and artists, directors and teachers and everything in between. They are men and women, gay and straight, of different political and religious temperaments. But they all have one thing in common: they live in and are invested in the Grande Ronde valley, just like you. So if you want to see who’s doing what and peek a little bit into their lives and loves, check out Coffee With Will only on LaGrandeAlive.tv.

William Bowman is a local writer and filmmaker that lives in La Grande and makes short videos. He does long-form dramas and short comedy skits. Check out our page for Will Bowman Films and for more of his content, see his website at Bowman Studios

LaGrandeAlive.TV is a local Internet TV station that focuses on local programming and activities.
We feature live, simulated live and archived video events. Our programing includes:

  • Local political events
  • public sporting events (both produced by LaGrandeAlive.TV and those uploaded by parents)
  • local church inspirational programming
  • local news events, locally created original programming
  • Northeast Oregon Film Maker productions
  • local musical artist concerts
  • and interviews of significant members of La Grande and surrounding communities.


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Including Local Business Showcases

There’s a lot happening in the Grande Ronde community. At LaGrandeAlive.tv, we do a lot of looking with our camera lens. We look at people, projects, ideas, places, locations, businesses. We talk with local personalities and just plain folk to see what they care about and what makes them tick. We can let you know where you can buy the best donut in the valley, or at least where we think to anyways.

In shows like Coffee With Will and the EO People Project, we look into local people’s lives either creatively or just in a good-old conversation over coffee. In shows like Adventures in Eastern Oregon and Travel Tramps, we travel around Eastern Oregon and the whole world with local people who you know and love who love to do the same.

In our Community Interest pieces, we explore churches, businesses, events and other happenings around the valley that you too may be interested. So if you’re looking for a fun and personal look deeper into the people and culture of the Grande Ronde, you’ll find that here at LaGrandeAlive.tv

Watch for the 2016-17 Season of La Grande High School basketball games streamed live right here on LaGrandeAlive.TV – Local Sports News

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EO Creative

Eastern Oregon Creative – There’s a lot of creative people in the Grande Ronde, and we want you to check them out! Whether that be digital art and photography, painting and ceramics, poetry and novel writing, we want you to know about them and experience them. LaGrande Alive is committed to showcasing local artists and creators, and promoting local culture.

Adventures In Eastern Oregon With Eric Valentine

  • In Adventures In Eastern Oregon, Eric Valentine, Will Bowman and Jim Whitbeck talk about the great outdoors in Eastern Oregon. The show has a casual, conversational feel and is full of great information if you want to be more informed about Eastern Oregon hiking, backpacking, back-country skiing, and all the problem solving tools and strategies you may need during your own adventure in Eastern Oregon.

La Grande Alive TV is an Internet based TV Station

We focus on local programming and activities around the Grande Ronde Valley and Eastern Oregon featuring live, simulated live and archived video events.

Our featured video or live event streaming sponsors get many many advantages over Print, Radio and Broadcast TV.

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Including La Grande, Union, The Grande Ronde Valley, Cove, Imbler, Elgin and Summerville.